The first NFT marketplace for architects, 3D designers and developers landing on the Metaverse soon

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renovi image for nft marketplace

RENOVI is derived from ‘Renovatio’ The Latin word for rebirth

We are the first architect / 3D designer / developer centric NFT marketplace

RENOVI will be the go-to marketplace for designs that are validated through the blockchain

The designs can be used for both artistic or collection purposes and also as actual items within the Metaverse

We are forming partnerships with visionaries who want to promote architecture and 3D design to the crypto world


“The Metaverse is coming and its a very big deal” - Forbes Magazine

A collection of alternate digital realities where people work, play, and socialise

We want to build it. We want to make RENOVI the go-to marketplace for anyone who wishes to build within the Metaverse

renovi image for nft marketplace


renovi image for nft marketplace